FQLabs was established in Honolulu, Hawaii by C. Brewer & Co. at the advent of the sugar industry, mainly to meet the crop-logging needs of the sugar plantations. Originally, the lab was known as Brewer Analytical Laboratories. The laboratory expanded over the years into other testing areas and by the mid-1970’s became the state’s largest full service lab to meet the demands of Hawaii’s growing analytical needs.

Today, FQLabs offers comprehensive microbiological and chemical testing of food, drinking water, wastewater, sludge and soil. Examples of our food services include quality assurance microbiological and chemical testing, nutrition labeling analyses and consultation services for sanitation programs, QA/QC programs and food plant inspections. FQLabs also provides environmental services such as nutrient analyses and metals testing by inductively coupled plasma – mass spectrometry.

Personalized, quality services and quick turn-around time are characteristic of FQLabs. FQLabs uses only approved methodology and all analyses are accompanied by strict adherence to our Quality Assurance program.


FQLabs follows all procedures from the EPA, Standard Methods of Examination of Water and Wastewater, AOAC, Hach methods, U.S. Food and Drug Administration Bacterial Analysis Manual.


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